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About The Vinyl Approach

The Vinyl Approach LLC was founded in 1997 with the ideas that quality custom boat decals and lettering should be tailored to match the boat's existing graphics with the "factory-installed look". I have worked in the powersports industries since the 1980s and have a passion for vintage vehicles of all kinds...

This is a family owned company that I began while working at a large boat dealership for the past 29 years. I saw a need for customers to be able to have reproduction logos created for their boat restoration projects as many manufacturers discontinue these after only a few years and over 15,000 boat builders have come and gone over the years in the good old US of A.

Originally we started with just boat registration numbers with a limited number of fonts and colors and in recent years we expanded to include boat transom names and reproduction & replacement boat decals (primarily logos) and lettering which is our specialty. We painstakingly restore old worn out logos from boats made from the 1940s up until the mid 1990s (early 2000s) from whatever you can provide to work from - be it an old brochure photo, a sketch, or a pencil rubbing or tracing. Now 25 years later we have more reproduction boat logo templates on file than anyone on the internet...

Durable Long lasting easy to install Avery Graphics Die Cut Vinyl logos

No printed or raised material graphics, pin striping or
full length graphics of any kind offered.

  Arkansas Traveler Before (Original Logo)   Arkansas Traveler After (Reproductions)


In season (March-October) I am am usually booked for upwards of a two to four weeks on custom-orders. Existing decals that I already offer can usually be shipped within a week. For faster service please contact me in the off-season with your larger jobs, or jobs that require extensive clean-up/re-touching or tracing/rubbings/scans. Thanks for your patience as I personally answer every email and phone call in the order in which they arrive!

 I can help many of you restore your boat to like new condition by reverse vectorizing photos or tracings of your original decals. Can we do any decals or graphics for any boat?  No, but I am always willing to take a look at digital photos and see if it's something I can assist you with, without spending a fortune. Keep in mind I don't offer any raised or gel logos or any full length stuff like striping or "swooshes".

    Bass Attacker oem style vintage reproduction boat decals   
I have have always maintained a focus on customer service, attention to detail and competitive pricing. Take the "Vinyl Approach" and see your ideas come to life. I have helped thousands of satisfied customers - just ask at your marina or lake as there is probably one near you!


Durable, Easy to Install
Custom Die Cut
Vinyl Graphics

Custom Boat Decals, Sticker & Graphics...

2-Color Custom Registration Numbers.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

(Eastern Time)







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